We are counted amid the leading Control Cables Manufacturers  in Nepal. The Control Cables that we deal in differ from Power Cables in their application. Control Cables are used to carry signals of low power strength, but can be subjected to severe working temperature conditions like heaters, boilers and can be exposed to oil, chemicals and other solvents. The wide range of Control Cables offered by us is used for electrical distribution system such as generating stations, sub-stations, industrial applications, indoor outdoor projects. We can also provide the customized range of the flexible control cable as per the specifications, mentioned by our clients. We provide the best custom-made solutions, thus have positioned ourselves amid the leading Control Cables Suppliers in Nepal.


IS:1554(P-1)-1988, IS:8130-1984, IS:5831-1984, BS-6346

L.V. PVC Insulated Control Cables Up to & Including 1.1 KV.

VOLTAGE: These cables can be used on AC Voltage up to & including 1100 V or DC Up to & including 1500 V.

Size: 1.5 Sq. mm. & 2.5 Sq. mm. up to 61 Cores in Control Cable.

CONDUCTOR: Annealed Electrolytic Copper Conductor conforming to IS:8130.

INSULATION: Conductor are insulated with PVC Compound as per IS:5831

COLOR OF CORES: we colour our cores per IS:1554(P-1).

LAYING Of CORES: Cores are laid up with a suitable lay. The Final layer direction shall be kept right hand lay.

INNER SHEATH: The Inner Sheath is applied over laid up of cores by extrusion/wrapping of thermoplastic material. The Insulation, Inner Sheath can be HR PVC, FRLS PVC Compound depending upon their application.


ARMOURING: We apply our high-quality armoring over the inner sheath. This armoring may consist of either wires of galvanized round steel or galvanized steel trips (flat) all of which will conform to IS:3975.

Please Note: We provide round wire armoring when the calculated diameter (under the armor) is 13.0 mm. When the calculated diameter is more than this, we use either steel strip or round wire, whichever best suits the application for the control cable.

OUTER SHEATH: A final covering of PVC Compound, conforming to IS:5831, is applied over Armoring in case of Armored Cable or over Inner Sheath in case of Unarmored Cable, called as "Outer Sheath".

The Insulation, outer sheath can be HR PVC, FRLS PVC Compound depending upon their application.

CURRENT RATING: Current Carrying Capacity of these cables are as per table-20 & 28 of our technical hand book.

TYPICAL APPLICATION: The control cables that we provide to our customers are commonly used in a variety of industrial power or control circuits. These are used for conveying controlled electrical signals to various devices. Our high-quality control cables are suitable for installation and use in cable trays, conduits, cable ducts, and can also be used in underground buries and raceways. They are also suitable for outdoor locations such as power and switching stations and relays, industrial plants, local distribution systems, construction, manufacturing, commercial buildings, steel plants, various types of refineries, cement plants, chemical plants power plants, and other similar locations.